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The Semcoset page is dedicated to give the interested reader a small overview over the many interesting 2m and 10 m Band Amateur Radio modules and complete VHF Transceivers and Short wave Receivers. 

These modules allowed the less experienced or test equipment blessed amateur to build a well functioning 2m station. The modules were well engineered and offered a good price/ performance ratio. At the time these modules represented the state of the art of the time in radio performance. 

Many hams who didn't have the resources to design radio circuits from the ground up for a variety of reasons, thus had the opportunity to create a well functioning radio that still had the mark of the builder and gave him the beautiful feeling of having built something himself. 

A Gallery of Semcoset Equipment was added recently to provide a chronological overview of the production program. A gallery of Semcoset Modules is also planned as information becomes available.

Additional material is being added as new documents become available in an ongoing process. Please check back periodically to keep up to data with the latest additions.

Historical Perspective:

The company Lausen + Co. in Hildesheim, Germany,  began to offer in the middle of the 1960 to the amateur community  the first modules such as 2m Converter to 10m, 10m board level AM/SSB receivers, audio amplifiers, small 2m AM transmitters, and other modules. In the mid 1960s the company name was changed to Semcoset. It is believed the company continued producing ham equipment until the mid 1980s.

Refer also to "Firmengeschichte" for more information in German Language. 

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