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Accessible as downloads are some old rare technical manuals. Please right click to download or double click to open it on-line.

Date Titel
Techni-Riter TR440 Chart Recorder  (PDF Format 12.6MB)
Very Rare Original Fairchild uA723 Precision Voltage Regulator Application Notes (PDF Format 8.7MB)
YASKAWA BTU-A01X BLDC Motor Wiring Information
Weller WESD51(D) Reperaturunterlagen Weller WESD51(D) Reperaturunterlagen (ZIP Format 2.42MB)
(Inside Pictures and schematic diagrams with measurement values and waveform scope pictures)
ECD100 Digital Capacitance Meter
User and Service Manual for ECD100 Capacitance Meter
(Very rare - Information no longer available)
Rare Guildline
High Precision RTD Thermometer Information
(all in PDF Format)
GL9540 Service Manual
GL9540 User Manual
GL9540 High Resolution schematic

Canadian Journal of Physics, 1953, 31(4): 577-591, 10.1139/p53-055:
Paper "Isolating Potential Comparator" by T.M.Dauphinee